To the Extend Required

To the Extend Required – a social initiative aimed at creating energy saving traditions, encouraging to search for rational electricity consumption methods for both household and business.
Project implementer: AB LESTO 
Even though Lithuania is not among the richest countries of the European Union, the study performed revealed that we are one of the least efficient energy consumers. Of course, this does not mean that Lithuanians use electricity unwisely or do not know how to calculate. Sometimes the idea that there are quite a few ways to save and reduce our electricity bills simply does not cross our minds.
To the Extent Required for Business
We also encourage companies and business organizations to search for rational business solutions. For this reason the project To the Extent Required for Business and the Green Protocol, which expresses the wish and will of companies to start changing - using electricity in a more rational way, protecting the environment and encouraging others to do the same - were initiated for this reason.
Since 2011, in cooperation with one of the country’s largest business dailies Verslo Žinios, LESTO has been arranging conferences for the introduction of rational electricity consumption ideas adapted for organizations. Already the fourth energy efficiency conference for business was held in 2014, which was attended by about 250 representatives from 160 companies.
130 businesses and organizations already joined the Green Protocol.
Companies having signed the Protocol will be able to take part in the contest of the Company Consuming Electricity Most Rationally. Companies, which, as compared to the same period of the previous year and evaluating their selected rational solutions, will have received the most from the same kilowatt-hour, i.e. those having started to live more rationally, will be able to participate in the project. Also, most active “green idea” generators working in companies having participated in the contest will also be awarded.
To the Extend Required for Schools
Having noticed extreme electricity consumption in schools, we initiated the project To the Extent Required for Schools in 2011.
This project was aimed at trying to find out where electricity could be used more rationally and to encourage school communities to develop rational energy consumption habits.
In three schools, selected together with the Ministry of Education and Science, professional studies of their electrical equipment and electricity consumption were carried out, presenting assessments and recommendations on where and how they could save. Study results showed that having renewed the lighting and electrical equipment, an average of 50 per cent of electricity costs could be saved in those schools.

In the schools having participated in the project model samples - modern, energy efficient lighting systems, improving the indoor lighting and working and learning conditions, reducing lighting costs and allowing for a more rational use of electricity consumption - were installed (it was agreed that other schools could also come to see them).
To the Extent Required for Citizens
In order to encourage the Lithuanian population to take interest in the principles of safe and responsible electricity consumption, we are looking for new measures that could help engage people. Citizens are introduced with myths about energy saving bulbs and are encouraged to give up incandescent lighting.   
By encouraging people to save, we have published an e-recipe book, wherepeople can find information on how to do that. The publication consists of advices sent by electricity consumers for a contest organized by LESTO. Most rational, relevant and easily adapted in daily life ideas were selected from more than 300 various hints for saving electricity. The e-recipe book can be downloaded free of charge by any visitor of the website. 
To the Extent Required for a Multi-Apartment Building
In order to draw the public’s attention to energy saving and safety in common areas, the electricity distribution company AB LESTO together with social partners UAB Mano būstas LT, UAB ACME Europe and UAB Elektros Taupymo Sprendimai implemented the project To the Extent Required for a Multi-Apartment Building: Safe and Saving Home. The results of the study performed in staircases of multi-apartment buildings revealed that LED lighting allows reducing electricity consumption to 90 per cent.
To the Extent Required by the City
In order to demonstrate the effect of new technologies on the quantity of electricity consumed in city streets, we initiated the project in Birštonas, during which traditional street lights were replaced with LED luminaries. During the trial period, we tried to evaluate amount of electricity saved, return on investment, also, the illumination and cosiness provided by new technology luminaries. Technical characteristics of LED luminaries show that having modernized city street lighting, local governments could save up to 50 per cent of electricity consumed.
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