Awards for Responsible Activity

We are delighted to see that our efforts to act responsibly have been noticed and appreciated – that inspires us to seek improvement on the path of sustainable business while creating the future of the energy sector, and promote other market participants.
Recognition of corporate governance. On 18 March 2016 the weekly Veidas elected as a “CEO of the Year 2015” the Director General of Lietuvos Energija Group of companies Dr. Dalius Misiūnas. During prestigious elections held for the sixteenth year in a row, for the first time the winner was elected a CEO of a state-controlled company. The Commission assessed financial activity of companies, innovation, competiveness, uniqueness of products made and services, social activities, and social responsibility.
The best state-controlled company. In October 2015, the Management Coordination Centre recognized Lietuvos Energija group as the best controlled state capital company in 2014. Transparency and management were evaluated especially favourably.
A social responsibility initiative of the year. A project “A Sustainable School” was initiated by LESTO in 2015. During the “Swedish business award 2015” ceremony, a social responsibility initiative was announced. The project goal is to foster communities of educational institutions to use energy resources sparingly and to protect the environment.
Transparency. Lietuvos Energija was recognized as one of the best public accounting large companies in Lithuania – it occupied the second place in the accountability study conducted by Lithuanian division of Transparency International.
Relations with investors. During the event Nasdaq Baltic Market Awards 2015 of the securities exchange, three awards were received – for progress of Lietuvos Dujos and LESTO achieved in improving relations with investors in 2015. Lietuvos Dujos were among the ones that achieved the biggest progress by taking the 3rd place in this category. LESTO won awards in the categories of the Best annual and company management report and the best interactive relations with investors, by taking the 3rd place in both of them.