Lietuvos Energija increased electricity generation from renewable sources by 21%

The group of state-owned energy companies “Lietuvos Energija” increased volumes of electricity generation from renewable energy sources (RES) in 2017. Last year, RES capacities under the Group’s management produced as much as 21 percent more electricity than in 2016. 
Last year Kaunas Hydroelectric Power Plant together with wind farms in Jurbarkas district and Estonia, which were acquired in 2016, generated 589.2 GWh electricity in total. Meanwhile, in 2016, this number amounted to 486 GWh. Due to rainy year, the quantity of electricity produced significantly increased in Kaunas Hydroelectric Power Plant – from 363 GWh to 458.7 GWh. Meanwhile, energy generated by wind plants increased by more than 6 per cent – from 123 GWh to 130.5 GWh. The total quantity of energy produced by Lietuvos Energija in 2017 amounted to 1,277.1 GWh, whereas in 2016 – 1,493.9 GWh, while the share of electricity generated from RES grew from 33 to 46 per cent.  
“Investments into renewable energy sources are compatible with the strategic goals of the Group and create tangible financial benefit for the company. We see that both world agreements and the energy strategy of Lithuania foresee a clear direction for the development of energy – through the development of energy generation from renewable energy sources. Therefore, we will continue to differentiate the portfolio of energy production by consistently expanding the capacities for RES production, thus contributing to the sustainable energy development in the country,” stated Mr. Dominykas Tučkus, Generation and Services Director of Lietuvos Energija.
Currently, Lietuvos Energija Group manages wind farms with installed capacity of 42.3 GW that may generate approximately 136 GWh of electricity per year; such an amount is equal to the annual need of Klaipėda city. Lietuvos Energija Group is also the only one in the market that offers “green Lithuanian energy” – certified electricity produced in Lithuania from RES at Kaunas Hydroelectric Power Plant. Apart from already operating plants, Lietuvos Energija is also developing a wind farm installation project in the territory of Kruonis Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Plant; in 2017, preparatory works were completed and an assessment of the impact on environment was made.