Strategy for 2018-2030

The Lietuvos Energija has presented the Strategy of the Group by 2030. During the upcoming twelve years Lietuvos Energija, the state capital energy company, is planning a material transformation: it will increase green generation capacities, expand its operations in international markets, will create and introduce innovations in the energy sector. All this will be implemented to ensure a stable return that will reach 1.6 billion EUR in 2018-2030 and maintain the best price and quality to customers.
Sustainable international development, quality, effectiveness, and transparency will be in focus during the implementation of the new strategy of Lietuvos Energija. The strategy includes the development of energy infrastructure and green energy, development of global competitiveness of the company and the country in general, creating a commercial organisation, development of new energy service platforms and the hub of energytech competences. Sustainable development will aim for quality and effectiveness to improve customer service, infrastructure quality, further clear the group activities, ensure stable return for the State, and maintain the top transparency standards in its activities. The implementation of the new strategy must support staying in the leadership position of the best prices for energy distribution services in the European Union.

Lietuvos Energija group strategic directions 2018-2030:

Sustainable development – direction to international growth through strategic power generation, green energy, development of commercial organisation and creating of new energy.

Quality and efficiency – Improving customer service, infrastructure quality, further clear group activities, ensure stable return for the State.

Transparency – maintain the top transparency standards in Lietuvos Energija activities.
Strategy of Lietuvos Energija LE 2030